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If you are currently renting time with a service bureau, or contemplating purchasing or upgrading an IBM Mainframe computer, we would welcome a call from you to discuss some very exciting alternatives.


Internet TimeShare Resources (ITSR) was established to offer the use of various Mainframe Operating Systems via the Internet.   We can provide you with a large selection of DASD device types in almost unlimited capacity. 


Using a TCP/IP connection to the internet, you can access our systems using TN3270 emulation (that makes your PC on the internet look like a Local 3270).  We can load your data using FTP or if need be with 3420, 3480 or 3490 tape cartridges.  Your company will control your "virtual" machine. We have the main IBM operating systems (Zos, VSE/ESA) as well as DB2, C++, COBOL, PL/I, etc.  This virtual service bureau can significantly lower your data processing budget!  We are one of the better deals!

This is what we offer (as well as some frequently asked questions):


Access to our mainframes: Over the internet
Available access: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
What do I need to access? TN3270
What Operating Systems are available? ZosTM
Can I send tapes? Yes - 3480 / 3490 / compressed or not
Can I FTP data? Yes
Compliers: COBOL, PL/I, C++
Databases available: DB2
What kind of response time can I expect? Text data transmits quickly - we have T-1 speed
Will you host an Internet Application? Yes - Mainframe based 
How much storage is available? Hundreds of GIG
What kind of DASD? All IBM Models are available
Can I get Technical Support? Yes
Is the service expensive? No
What has been your uptime? 99%+
How do I find out more? Email us at


"It's like having the computer room on your premises at far less expense."


If there is a better way for a company that develops systems on an IBM mainframe to get more economical use 24X7, we haven't found it yet!

Even if you have a large IBM mainframe shop, our service may help you offload your development and test time!


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Flex-es, IBM Mainframe Computer Time available over the Internet

We have many servers running flex-es software that emulates an IBM mainframe. Flex-es supports all of the IBM DASD devices, as well as Shared Dasd, Virtual Channel to Channel, and other IBM software support.